Stand Alone Solar Street Light

Stand Alone Solar Street Light
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Product Details

Quick details:

Product name: Stand Alone Solar Street Light

Origin: China

Applied field: Garden, Street, High Speed Road

Power source: Solar photovoltage

Certification: CE

Light type: Solar

Color: White or others

Payment terms: L/C, T/T

Quality warranty: Several years

Operating principle: Convert solar energy into electrical energy

Advantage: Environmental protection and energy saving

Product show:

One Arm Solar Street Light


1.Solar street lights do not need to lay cables, external power supply; 

2.Photosensitive control; 

3.Have good stability;

4.Long working life;

5.High luminous efficiency;

6.Good safety performance to avoid electric shock, fire and other accidents;

7.Energy saving and environmental protection without pollution, noise, radiation.