Solar Street Light In Village

Solar Street Light In Village
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Product nameSolar street light in village
Input VoltageAC.220V or DC.12/24V
Power sourceSolar photovoltage
Payment termsL/C, T/T
Operating principleConvert solar energy into electrical energy
Quality warrantySeveral years
Light typeSolar

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1.Independent installation, which does not need to embed, backfill, and save construction costs.

2.Save the cost of supporting equipment.

3.Solar lighting is automatic control, it does not need personnel management, so it can save the cost of management.

4.Do not use electricity to save the running costs of electricity.

5.Maintenance is easy. It is safe for using, so it does not cause electric shock accidents.

6.It is very energy efficient, it is directly converted into electricity through sunlight.

7.Solar lamps are eco-friendly, non-polluting and non-radiative.

8.The used DC voltage is 12V~36V, which is very safe and will not cause electric shock or fire.

9.The installation is easy and it can be used in the place where there is no electricity.

10.Long service life.

11.Operating and maintenance costs are low.