Solar Panel Led Lighting System

Solar Panel Led Lighting System
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Product Details

Quick details:

Product name: Solar panel led lighting system

Origin: China

Power source: Solar

Applied area: Street; highway; garden; parking lot

Payment: T/T, L/T

Delivery time: Several days

The components of solar power system :
 A solar power system consists of solar panels, solar  controller and battery. If the output power is 220V AC or 110V, the inverter  should add to the configuration. The roles of each component:

1.Solar Panel

2.Solar controller




1.Solar energy is inexhaustible;

2.Solar energy does not cause environmental pollution during the conversion process;

3.Solar energy resources are spread all over the world and can be mined in a dispersed and regional manner;

4.Photovoltaic power generation is intermittent, generating electricity when there is sunlight, and the amount of electricity generated is in direct proportion to the strength of sunlight;

5.Photovoltaic power generation is static and does not have moving parts;

6.It has a long service life and requires little maintenance;

7.The photovoltaic system can be installed close to the power consumption. In areas where are far away from the power grid, the transmission and distribution costs can be reduced, and the reliability of the power supply facilities can be increased.