Led Based Solar Street Lighting System

Led Based Solar Street Lighting System
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Quick details:

Product name: Led based solar street lighting system

Power source: Solar

Applied area: Street; highway; garden; parking lot

Payment: T/T, L/T

Components: Solar panels, solar  controller and battery 

Product show:

Solar Grid-Connected Power Stations


1.Solar power generation has broad prospects. Solar energy resources are almost infinite, and photovoltaic power generation does not produce any environmental pollution. It is an ideal energy source to meet the social needs in the future. With the in-depth development of photovoltaic power generation technology, the conversion efficiency is guradually improving. Photovoltaic power generation will become an important energy source for the future society;

2.The lamps which lighted by this system are made of non-toxic materials, it is unlike mercury-containing fluorescent lamps that can cause pollution, and the lamps which used in that system can be recycled;

3.This system is good for energy conservation and environment protection;

4.The potential for solar energy development and utilization is very broad, so this system has great market potential;

5.It can remit the power-hungry phenomena of some places;

6.The installation will not cause the damage for environment;

7.Free of pollution, it conforms to the concept of sustainable development.