Transmission Tower

Transmission Tower
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Transmission Towers
 Transmission line tower, its shape is generally divided into: the glass  type, cathead type, the font, font dry bucket and five kinds according to  zoning are: Strain tower, straight line tower, angle tower, transposition tower  ( replace wire phase position tower), terminal tower and across the tower,  their structure is characterized by a variety of column belong to the space  truss structure, mainly composed of a single lever equilateral angle steel  angle iron or a combination of the composition of the material generally used  Q235 (A3F) and Q345 (16Mn) a combination between the two parts, connecting rod  bolts using crude, by shear bolts that connect the entire tower from the angle,  and bolt connecting plate composed of individual components such as the tower a  few feet, etc. by a steel plate welded into so hot galvanization, transport and  construction is extremely easy to set up