The Material Of PV Array Support Should Be Aluminum Alloy Or Steel

Solar energy photovoltaic support selection of aluminum alloy PV frame or steel frame, many PV project in the building always have this choice problem, a comparative analysis were done for two different profiles. Prior to the comparison, we first analyze the PV mounting several crucial parameters, ran after we were from the several parameters of analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of scaffolds.

Usually in the selection and procurement of PV frame, we usually consider to photovoltaic support strength can meet the wind, snow and other anti-corrosion performance whether the service life of the power station, whether the price to meet budget, below we from these three aspects specific analysis two bracket the pros and cons.

Firstly, strength analysis, aluminum alloy (usually used in aluminum alloy types of 6063-T5) the strength to be weak in the strength of the steel (Q235B), so in the wind strength requirements is relatively high, or practical application span relatively large photovoltaic bracket, suggested the use of steel bracket satisfies the strength of need, and aluminum alloy photovoltaic bracket is used in the general area.

Secondly, in corrosion resistance is photovoltaic support a more important parameter, because the anticorrosion quality not only affect the service life of the power plant, also affects the appearance. Usually steel stent surface by hot dip galvanizing, general requirements in more than 65 mu, under normal circumstances can ensure the service life of 20 years, but need regular maintenance, and surface anodic oxidation of aluminium alloy frame, to form a dense oxide film, anti-corrosion performance is far better than that of the steel frame and aluminum alloy photovoltaic stent surface appearance degree is better than that of the steel bracket.

Rich in the form of the difference between the strength requirement of the cost of PV is about the price of photovoltaic intensity. Finally, compare prices, if the requirements are relatively high, if must use aluminum alloy stent, only by increasing the material to meet the requirements, and the market of aluminum alloy steel support three times, therefore, the aluminum alloy bracket is much higher than that of the steel bracket. In general case, for example, Caigang watt photovoltaic roof support, usually span is relatively small, so the strength requirements are not high, used to meet the strength of aluminum alloy stent in cost close to the steel bracket, and due to the processing craft, the aluminum alloy frame section of diversity can make the aluminum alloy bracket , convenient installation.

In summary, the use of composite photovoltaic support, must be for different application requirements, choose the most suitable one.