The Effect Of The Lawn Light To Brighten The Night

The lawn lamp is a kind of facility that we often see on the street lawn, not only has the illumination, but also can play the esthetic adornment effect. Lawn lamp light is softer, for the city green space added a lot of bright, now well received by everyone welcome.

The role of lawn lamp in the night

In the courtyard, there are some public places, the use of equality, can add a bit of brightness for the night, so as to brighten the night effect. For people who walk the night road, Lawn Lamp don't be afraid of a dark night, walk more smoothly, also played a certain safety performance.

The role of lawn lamp decoration City

The lawn light is softer, and the color is more diverse, and now with the design continues to follow up, as people need to continue to improve, the current design of more than more, the shape of the ideal, during the day can play a good decorative role, and at night, is very beautiful and generous, Lawn Lamp to give a person with aesthetic feeling. Lawn lamp with the most unique design, the most soft lighting for the city's green landscape everywhere added a lot of security and beauty, and its installation process is very simple, easy to install, Lawn Lamp decorative effect is good, usually used in parks, garden villas and other lawns around, of course, modern Commercial Street, pedestrian street, Parking lots and squares will also be fitted with lawn lights if there is a green belt.

Height and specification of lawn lamp

Lawn lamp generally has 600mm, the $number mm, and so on different specifications, can be customized according to the actual needs, any specifications can be produced. The main material of lawn lamp pole is equal diameter steel tube, opposite sex steel pipe, equal diameter aluminum tube, cast aluminum lawn lamp, aluminum alloy lawn lamp. Commonly used in the diameter of φ60, φ76, φ89, φ100, φ114, φ140, φ165, according to the height and the different places used, the selected material thickness is divided into: wall thickness 2.5, wall thickness 3.0, wall thickness 3.5. The lawn lamp usually uses 36W or 70W halide lamp sodium lamps, Lawn Lamp arranges the spacing generally in $number meter advisable.

Main features of lawn lamp

1, High brightness: Now the new solar lawn lamp can use 140lm/wled light source, than conventional solar led lawn lights 50%,

2, high-quality and reliable: lawn lamp high quality requirements, Lawn Lamp manufacturers have to choose advanced equipment, good materials to ensure quality, and to complete the inspection of materials, grasp each production process quality, finished product inspection, shipping inspection, in strict accordance with the ISO quality management system requirements for total quality management.

3, Long life: The overall life of lawn lamp design more than 20 years, the use of high transmittance glass laminating process, the design life of the accessories consistent, Lawn Lamp unique energy-saving design, battery life than conventional technology 2 − 3 times times longer.

4, efficient energy-saving: If the solar lawn lamp, commonly used in the foot power Crystal silicon solar module as a lamp power generation system, the use of solar dedicated battery, energy saving, rainy days can be continuous lighting 3-5 nights without other energy supplies.

5, Automatic control: the solar lawn lamp light and extinguish the use of sunlight light induction control, that is, the light control function, but also has the energy-saving mode, Lawn Lamp in the case of fewer pedestrians at night, automatically reduce the output power of the light source to save electricity.

6, High security: Solar lawn lamp belongs to Low-voltage products, the use of DC 4V or 6V power supply, safe and harmless, for children, pedestrians and animals to protect effectively.

7, the lamp body uses the HIGH-STRENGTH structure design, waterproof, wind resistance, resistance to external strength high.

8, easy to install: Independent power supply, Lawn Lamp no need to set up or embedded transmission lines, simple construction, low construction costs.