The Development Of Street Lights

For the current development of the traditional lighting market with the elimination of incandescent plan to further implement, street lighting in the future development process is expected to achieve further high-quality development. Faced with the lighting industry to further upgrade Now for the development of LED is now only the real strength of technological innovation, resource integration and service capabilities of enterprises in order to achieve street lighting in the lighting industry a good change.

In the process of development of street lighting now with the traditional lighting business and emerging LED lighting business channel resources, Street Light brand building competition will be further intensified, relying on low-cost competition to win the victory is temporary. With the domestic LED product design standards and the use of standards have been gradually sound, the national standard and the landmark of mutual recognition is also gradually perfect for the development of street lamps in terms of only to further strengthen the street market management to achieve the rapid development of street lighting in the lighting industry.

For the development of street lamps in 2014, large enterprises will further use capital forces to expand the scale of operations to reduce costs, and SME survival pressure will continue to increase, the market is not easy profitability will continue. The face of the huge business opportunities, Street Light street lighting companies only timely grasp the strategic opportunities, fill short board, build the core competitiveness of enterprises, to seize the right to speak the market competition to achieve the rapid development of street lighting in the lighting industry.

Street lights as an important carrier of public lighting, lighting a long time, coupled with long-term exposure to hot and cold alternately, wind and rain and other harsh use of the environment, Street Light maintenance is very difficult, the protection level put forward higher requirements.

"For street lamps, it is impossible to achieve IP68 protection level, because the whole board to do the seal body is too large, large seal body sealing length is longer, Street Light the greater the probability of water, and this time, The advantages of modular solutions are reflected. "

Currently on the market are using dual coupling sealing process, through layers of rigorous testing, in addition to ordinary underwater testing, but also through the 100 ℃ boiling boiled water test. Double protection, each have to go through more than 30 minutes of boiling water test test, cooked immediately after the cold water, with a cold method to assess its waterproof capacity.

Only after rigorous testing of products in this market can be based.