The Design Of The High Pole Lamp Is Humanized

Quiet night, stroll in the clean city, greeted the eyes of the United States is turned Huadeng, people feel happy and comfortable. High pole lights as one of the landscape lights, its height, lighting range and other advantages, so that in these lanterns come to the fore, High-pole Lamp people can not be ignored, but people can only see its appearance, its specific situation and Do not understand

High pole lights generally refers to more than 15 meters steel conical poles and high-power combination of lighthouse constitute a new type of lighting device. It consists of the lamp cap, the internal lighting electrical, the rod and the base part. Lamp shape can be based on user requirements, High-pole Lamp the surrounding environment, lighting needs specific; internal lamps and more by the floodlights and cast light composition, the general use of high-pressure sodium lamp or led lights, lighting radius of 60 meters. Rod body is generally pyramid-shaped structure, made of steel plate, height of 15-40 meters, mostly composed of two to three sections.

High pole lights can generally be divided into lift and non-lift type. Lifting main pole height is generally more than 18 meters, electric lift operation is convenient, light plate rose to work position, can automatically turn off the disk, hanging ditch, wire rope unloading and. Lifting high pole lamp is composed of lamp plate, light pole and foundation, lifting platform, power distribution system and lightning protection device. High-pole Lamp We usually say that the high pole lights, in fact, according to the use of thousands of different, according to the use of different occasions on the high pole light classification and the name is different. Such as the use of the pier, called the pier high pole lights, square, called the square pole lights, named after the port high pole lights, airport pole lights, explosion-proof high pole lights, stainless steel pole lights and so on. Usually considered more than 15 meters of the road poles, called high pole lights, 15-40 meters range, commonly used is 15 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters the five kinds of specifications the most common. High-pole Lamp The other is generally the customer asked to design a specific height, this is what we often say by height to divide the high pole lights.

Lifting high pole lights set up automatic and manual two kinds of control methods, user-friendly design, increased its installation and maintenance aspects of security, in addition to lift the high pole lights all lamps sealed IP65 international standards to prevent Dust, rain water immersion, High-pole Lamp to ensure the life of the lamp. Lamps are generally made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy plate and stainless steel.

High pole lights generally used for large areas such as square, port, dock, playground, airport, parking and other large-scale lighting, light source can be used for several or even dozens of 400w or 1000w Of the high pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp or led light source, High-pole Lamp the lighting range can reach 7000 square to 15,000 square, can automatically lift, the height of 18-55 meters in general between.

In the pole is generally used for ordinary pavement, but not very absolute, high pole lights also with the configuration of the lamp, such as the pole ten lights, of course, High-pole Lamp higher than the same power with two lights to light, the scope to be wide. In the pole generally refers to the installation of automatic lifting device, take a plug-in for a small range of lighting, the light source is generally about 6, the height of the general refers to about 9-18 meters.