The Benefits Of Solar Power System Installation

Solar power systems are typically installed on roofs of civil buildings or roofs of industrial plants. Because of the original buildings before they are put into use, they can be delivered by the local mine protection center, and the lightning protection facilities of industrial buildings should be tested every year. Therefore, Solar Power System the reliability and safety of the lightning protection facilities are ensured to a large extent.

Although lightning is a natural disaster, but in general, as long as the strict implementation of the following three aspects, you can minimize the probability of lightning risk.

First, the photovoltaic support of the metal bearing with the original lightning rod more reliable connection to form a good electrical access. Will be lightning lightning lightning through the original lightning protection device to the underground discharge device to the rapid discharge to the earth, Solar Power System thus protecting the building and exposed to the roof of the PV module.

Second, the grounding device is the basis of lightning protection, such as the original building with lightning protection, lightning rod and other facilities, Solar Power System you need to use grounding resistance tester to measure the grounding resistance, in general, the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms, can be used The original ground.

But some facilities, such as rural houses, livestock sheds, farms, etc., for lightning protection is not strict requirements, you need to add a new grounding device. Grounding device depending on the geological use of copper clad steel grounding, carbon crystal ground electrode, reducing agent and other grounding material construction, after completion of measurement grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms qualified.

Third, equipotential connection measures. The equipotential measures include the bridging of the roof, the attachment of the bracket to the metal structure of the roof, such as the bridge of the photovoltaic cable, the ventilator, the ventilator for the factory, the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, Solar Power System the cooling tower, the ladder and the like.

Especially the grounding and equipotential bonding of photovoltaic power generation equipment is the most important, in the installation of converters and inverters, add a set of equipotential grounding terminal box, the convergence box, inverter, and the controller ground The terminals are connected with the equipotential grounding terminal box with a two-color ground wire larger than 16 square feet, and the terminal box is connected with the original or new grounding device or the conductor with more than 50 square meters.

In the photovoltaic solar power plant for up to 25 years of life cycle, combined with the application of climate and environment on the rational installation of solar power system, Yuhui sun in the solar power generation system of product manufacturing, system design, construction, Solar Power System operation and maintenance throughout the process of strict Quality control, so that users with the rest assured!

Sunny, with food and beauty came to the suburbs park to enjoy the holidays, the phone kept brushing, the camera kept pat, and then enter the power shortage state, Connaught large park where nothing! And if some of the park can be used in the installation of solar power system for visitors to recharge at any time, but also in the power supply station to set up some LED advertising light boxes and seats, etc., both to provide free supply service and to attract business advertising Marketing, so go to the park no longer have to worry about the phone no electricity.

Soccer fields, basketball courts, badminton courts, tennis courts, and so most of them are built outdoors, and throughout the year, summer is the best season of sports, but under high temperatures, it is difficult to practice in these outdoor stadium, so outdoor The stadium will encounter the embarrassment of no use in the summer, and if the outdoor sports field in the top of the laying of automatic shrink solar power system, Solar Power System both shade and rain can continue to generate electricity for the playground to provide cool air heating support, Is not all year round regardless of wind and rain, cold and heat can be free exercise it!