Maintenance Of Street Lamps

Street lights are very familiar to everyone, however, energy is the cornerstone of the existence and development of modern society. With the continuous development of the global economic society, energy consumption has continued to grow accordingly. Over time, the scarcity of fossil energy is becoming more and more prominent, and this scarcity is gradually reflected in the price of energy goods. So the street lights appear in our lives.

Street light maintenance:

1. Keep the solar module's cleaning surface clean. In the less rainy and sandy areas, should be cleaned once a month, cleaning should first rinse with water, Street Light and then use a clean soft cloth to dry the water.

2. observe whether the appearance of solar cells have concave or bulging phenomenon;

3. After the solar battery discharge should be promptly charged. In case of repeated rainy days, resulting in insufficient battery charge, should stop or shorten the power supply time of the power station, so as not to cause the battery over discharge. Power station maintenance personnel should regularly charge the battery charge, Street Light generally every quarter to be 2 to 3 times. For a long time to stop the battery (3 months or more), Street Light should be added after charging and put into operation.

Street project, including the city main road, industrial park, township, viaduct and other street lighting project, project business, business, owners should choose how to street lamp wattage?

In general, the street lamp manufacturers to buy street lamps, there will be professional technical staff for you to design street lighting program. Street lamp manufacturers of technical staff and clerk has a wealth of experience in the application of street lamps. Street Light The following methods are for reference only:

Test the area

Test road width of 15 meters, 10 meters high street lamp, light arm on the 1 meter elevation 10 degrees, the street lights by one side of the test; test area of 15mx30m, taking into account the narrow road on the street light requirements of the light is not high, while providing applications Area 12mx30m data for different width of the road reference selection.

Test the data

The data is the average of three times, the light failure based on the first and third results, Street Light the time span of 100 days per day normal switching lights

Application of optical flux, light efficiency, illumination uniformity evaluation

The luminous efficiency is calculated by dividing the optical power by the input power

Smoothing its calculation formula Average illuminance x area

The degree of illumination uniformity is the ratio of the minimum illuminance and the maximum illuminance of the measuring point in the transverse direction of the road

In street lamp engineering applications, the road should be installed how many wattage of street lamps, should be combined with the manufacturers of street lights. The same road, A manufacturers to provide 100W LED lights to meet the lighting, and B manufacturers to provide the lights, perhaps as long as 80W or even lower wattage that can meet the lighting.