Led Solar Street Lights On A Rainy Day, Still Functioning As Bright Lights?

Many clients ask led solar street light rain the morning light does not light problems. If the Sun today, clouds rain tomorrow, solar street lights were lit up; if the Sun today, and tomorrow, good days are rainy days, it depends on lamp configuration capable of supporting the number of rainy days in a row. Solar street light works by solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity and stored in solar batteries, meaning that solar panel specifications, the charging charging more, while larger solar battery specification can store more energy. If you need longer solar street light rainy days of the world, it must at the same time increase solar panels and solar-powered street lights battery specifications, of course, this also explains why configure higher solar street lights it's reason for the more expensive solar street lights. All in all, generally rainy solar encounter will continue to light, General configuration can be 3-5 days.