Lawn Lights Can Highlight The City Highlights

Lawn lights can play the role of decorative landscape environment, lawn lamp installation spacing can be 3.5 ~ 5.0. Lawn lighting is characterized by a large number of lamps, a wide range of distribution, single lamp power is relatively small, the natural power factor is low, Lawn Lamp the power supply line is long, the corresponding high harmonics superimposed on the neutral current.

Lawn light design is mainly to the appearance and soft lighting for the urban green landscape to add security and beauty, and generally has easy installation, decorative and other characteristics, Lawn Lamp can be used for parks, garden villas, square green, and other places of the green belt decoration illumination.

Light source is an important part of all lighting products, according to different lighting requirements, you can choose different brands, different types of light, lawn light commonly used light source: incandescent, energy saving lamps, and new LED light source.

Lawn light development to the 20th century, 90 years, is widely used in urban slow lane, narrow lane, residential area, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, Lawn Lamp courtyard corridors and other public places of the road unilateral or two used for road lighting, Improve the safety of people traveling at night to increase people's outdoor activities, improve the safety of life and property. It can also change people's feelings, improve people's emotions, and can change the concept of people, to create a dark and dark palette-like night. Daytime, Lawn Lamp lawn lamp can be decorated with urban scenery; night, lawn lighting can provide the necessary lighting and living convenience, increase the sense of security, but also highlight the city highlights, interpretation of bright style, so far in use, has developed into a mature industry chain The

Lawn Light Decorates the city's role

Lawn light is more soft, and the color is also more diverse, and now with the design of the follow-up, with the continuous improvement of people's needs, the current design more modeling, shape is ideal, Lawn Lamp during the day can play a good decoration Sexual effect, and at night, it is very beautiful and generous, giving a sense of beauty. Lawn lamp with the most unique design, the most gentle lighting for the city's green landscape everywhere added a lot of safety and beauty, and its installation process is very simple, easy to install, Lawn Lamp decorative effect is good, usually used in parks, garden villas Such as lawn around, of course, Lawn Lamp modern commercial street, pedestrian street, parking lot and square if there are green belt will be installed on the lawn lamp.