How Is Solar Street Lights In Winter?

This days national are in cooling has, people was cold of when, also not only will thought we city road lighting street using of situation, that solar street of using situation, everyone also know solar Street is to Sun as energy conversion for power using, such is in summer of when words, using solar Street also can received some advantage, can now has is winter has, that solar Street using situation is how does?

Actually solar Street in winter using situation completely is depends on at customer in selected in of when, select what of configuration of, usually solar Street in day charging of when, on will will energy storage exists solar battery in the,, night of when only will energy conversion for power provides using of, if solar battery capacity big words, Sun can battery on can put energy storage save up, for no sun of when using of.

If some customer in select solar lighting lamp of when, may on some customer for solar street price of problem and reduced for solar Street capacity requirements words, that solar battery of capacity on will compared small, only support 2-3 days of no Sun provides energy of, but we in winter using words, cloudy of weather is compared long of, this for solar Street in winter using situation on is not ideal of.