High Pole Lights Colorful Night

High pole lights are generally more than 15 meters steel conical poles and high-power combination of lighthouse constitute a new type of lighting device. It consists of the lamp, the internal lighting electrical, the body and the base part of the composition, the high pole of the internal lighting lamps are generally floodlights or cast light combination.

High pole lights are generally in the open space, High-pole Lamp so in order to prevent dust, rain erosion and in order to ensure its service life, so it is generally made of good corrosion resistance of stainless steel and aluminum alloy plate, common in our lives High pole lights are mainly lift and non-lift two, High-pole Lamp they are generally used in the city square, station, terminal, freight yard, highway, stadium, overpass.

Installation of high pole lights precautions

1. Each splice provides a set of length, but due to manufacturing, installation error and physical factors, there is a change in the length of the socket, so provide the maximum socket length and minimum socket length.

2. In order to facilitate the installation, High-pole Lamp it may be necessary to lubricate the mating surface. Be careful not to use lubricants to prevent leakage and contamination of the rod, you can use soap and water to lubricate the inner and outer surfaces.

3. When socketing, apply the necessary force at both ends to obtain a close socket.

The pole is used as a lighting device for all public places in our city. It is closely related to our travel and urban beautification. Therefore, for safety and security, the rectangular cavity is equipped with a sealed door and a sealed door is fitted with a special door lock. The above is a detailed description of the high pole lights.

High pole lights to achieve the night level and three-dimensional lighting facilities, that is, a rich embodiment of the reality of lighting, and some is that the original purpose of lighting is not for the landscape, but for safety, high pole lights as high light, High penetration characteristics, High-pole Lamp in protecting the lives of people play an irreplaceable role.

 High pole lights as an integral part of urban lighting, high pole lights in addition to building the highest lighting outside the lighting, high will be highlighted, highlighting the coordinates no problem, you can put the road pole as the entire lighting project Center point to the center of the light of the proliferation, the formation of brightening mesh and three-dimensional, hierarchical.

To high pole lights as a high point, followed by arranged lighting, High-pole Lamp with the building of the formation of structured layers of clear, three-dimensional gorgeous night scene, high pole lights like a leader standing there, dignified and solemn, this is the street as a coordinate , Followed by high pole lights in the role of lighting works is rich in lighting, simple road lighting, landscape lighting, people can not meet the aesthetic point of view, people need a more colorful night.