High Pole Lights Are Ideal For Road Lighting

High pole is the use of a wide range of products, and in many cases it can meet our needs, then the general manufacturers in the design of the time there are several specifications?

The first feature of the high pole lamp is that the height can be set according to the need, such as height ranging from 20m-30m, poles with polygons, usually 8 sides / 12 sides / 16 sides, and the pull rod plug structure.

One of the common 20m, 25m, High-pole Lamp 30m height of the product in the light pole on the caliber, the lower diameter, light pole section, the upper wall thickness, the next section of the wall thickness is different, High-pole Lamp according to the specific needs of the design, different height needs With different caliber, and in the high pole of the poles are basically hot galvanized with spray treatment.

For the special product type light pole can be stainless steel rod or high quality steel plate, molded into a multi-Ling cone-shaped plug-in steel bar, light box by hot galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, light plate skeleton made of high quality stainless steel, fastener bolt , High-pole Lamp Nuts for stainless steel and so on.

We often in the city square, station, port, airport, car park, stadium, overpass and other places to see the high pole of the figure, while the unique style of each place.

High pole lights: generally refers to 15 - 25 meters above the steel column pole and high power combination of lighthouse constitute a new type of lighting device. It consists of the lamp cap, the internal lighting electrical, the rod and the base part. Lamp shape can be based on user requirements, High-pole Lamp the surrounding environment, lighting needs specific; internal lamps and more by the floodlights and cast light composition, light source with NG400 high pressure sodium lamp, lighting radius of 60 meters. The rod body is generally cylindrical type body structure, High-pole Lamp made of steel plate rolling, height up to 15-40 meters.

And now have to promote a comprehensive movement, the stadium is to provide sports venues, whether it is day or night can be seen on the stadium on the sea, often see a lot of running at night, play, play the figure, the stadium must have lighting equipment Can, high pole lights is that we often see the lighting on the playground, High-pole Lamp if there is no high pole lights that night can not reflect its value.

High pole lights in the playground with too much will be too bright will affect people's attention, less bad will not see the clear. So how many of the need for a high pole of this specific problem should be specific analysis, to consider the area of the sports field, poles pole parts, brightness requirements. If you focus on energy saving and brightness, you can choose the high pole light, the light source is a new energy-efficient lighting source, High-pole Lamp to achieve the same lighting effect of the case, the high pole lights can be more than 70% Saving about 20%. In the requirements of the same lighting effect under the premise of the general use of 150W high pressure pole can replace 400W other lights, power factor can reach 0.99, very energy efficient, High-pole Lamp but also support the repeated hot start, very suitable for road lighting, plant lighting, Workshop lighting, mine lighting, park lighting, high pole lighting, intelligent lighting.

High pole lights play a vital role in the playground, if the lighting with ordinary lights is certainly not the kind of effect, not up to the high lamp lighting wattage, that with the number of high pole lights also have to plan , To a reasonable use of high pole lights, should play their skill.