High Pole Light Is Suitable For Road Lighting

High-pole lamp: Generally refers to 15--25 meters above the steel column-type lamp rod and high-power modular light frame to constitute a new lighting device. It consists of the lamp holder, the internal lamp electrical, the pole body and the foundation part. Lamp shape can be based on user requirements, the surrounding environment, lighting needs specific and fixed; the internal lamp is composed of floodlight and projection light, the light source adopts NG400 high-pressure sodium lamp, and the illumination radius is up to 60 meters. High-pole Lamp The pole body is generally cylindrical type single structure, with the steel plate roll to form, the height can reach 15-40 meters.

All are advocating a comprehensive campaign, High-pole Lamp the playground is to provide sports venues, whether it is day or night can see a sea of people on the playground, the evening often see a lot of running, playing, playing the figure, that the stadium must have lighting equipment can be, high pole lamp is we often see the playground lighting equipment, If there is no high pole light lighting that night will not be able to reflect its value.

High-pole light in the playground with more will be too bright will affect people's view, less will not see the unclear. So it needs a number of high pole light This will be specific analysis of the specific problem, to consider the area of the stadium, High-pole Lamp the lamp bar of the high pole lamp division, brightness requirements. If you focus on energy saving and brightness, you can choose the high pole lamp, its light source is a new energy-saving lighting source, in the case of the same lighting effect, the high bar lamp can be 70% more than other high bar Lantern Festival can be about 20% more energy-saving than LED. On the premise that the same lighting effect is required, High-pole Lamp generally with 150W high pressure pole lamp can replace 400W other lighting, power factor can reach 0.99, very energy-saving, but also support the repeated hot start, very suitable for road lighting, plant lighting, workshop lighting, factories and mines lighting, park lighting, high bar lighting, intelligent lighting.

The high pole lamp plays the vital role in the sports field, if you use ordinary lamps to illuminate is certainly not that effect, up to the high pole lamp lighting wattage, High-pole Lamp that use how many high pole lamp also must have the plan, must reasonably use the high pole lamp, to play the proper skill.

The system part of the high pole lamp

1, the high pole lamp illumination system electric part uses the single basis to divide the phase control, each phase respectively supposes the separate circuit breaker, the contactor, High-pole Lamp the contactor coil uses the AC 220V, each base high pole lamp can realize the local control and the centralized remote control;

2, Power: 50Hz, ac three-phase five-wire system, 380v/220v;

3, high pole lamp distribution control box should have overload, short-circuit and leakage protection;

4, Circuit breaker, leakage protector, contactor, circuit breaker, High-pole Lamp contactor must come with auxiliary contact, and auxiliary contact point must be drawn to the terminal;

5, the various power supply cable in the high pole is connected reliably with the steel wire rope through the special fixture, and the steel wire rope lifts together, High-pole Lamp and does not bear the weight. The lighting power supply cable chooses YC high quality heavy duty rubber sheath cable;

6, high bar lamp should be installed for maintenance of 400V, 32A sockets and 230V, 16A sockets each one, plug-circuit breaker protection;

7 The Lamp pole lighting power supply cable and the lamp cable connection should set up junction box, High-pole Lamp the junction box protection grade should reach IP65;

9 The top part of the lamp rod is equipped with a drive plate, a protective cover and a lightning rod which conforms to the standard, the light Rod Foundation should bury the grounding pole, High-pole Lamp the grounding resistance is not 10ω