High-pole Light Has A Strong Decorative

What are the features and uses of the high pole lamp? Let's take a look at it.

First, the characteristics of high pole lamp

High-pole lamp is used for roads, roads and other places of a lighting. Beautiful shape, with a strong decorative. The illumination area is big, the illumination effect is good, the light source concentrates, the illumination is even, the glare is small, easy to control, repairs. High-pole Lamp Electric lifting operation is convenient, the lamp plate rises to the work position, can automatically take off the lamp plate, the hook, the wire rope unloading. Lighting control is divided into hand control, light control, time control and micro-computer control.

Second, the use of high pole lamp

The high pole lamp applies the municipal engineering, the highway, the overpass, the parking lot, the stadium, the freight yard, the harbor, High-pole Lamp the airport and the citizen Leisure Square and so on outdoor illumination project.

High-pole lamp: Generally refers to 15--25 meters above the steel column-type lamp rod and high-power modular light frame to constitute a new lighting device. It consists of the lamp holder, High-pole Lamp the internal lamp electrical, the pole body and the foundation part. Lamp shape can be based on user requirements, the surrounding environment, lighting needs specific and fixed; the internal lamp is composed of floodlight and projection light, the light source adopts NG400 high-pressure sodium lamp, and the illumination radius is up to 60 meters. The pole body is generally cylindrical type single structure, with the steel plate roll to form, the height can reach 15-40 meters.

1. The lamp rod is octagonal or 12-angled cone-shaped rod body, by the high-strength high-quality steel plate by shearing, bending, automatic welding forming, general height has 20, 2 5, 3 0, 3 5, 40 meters and several other specifications, the design of the maximum wind resistance can reach 6 0 m/s, High-pole Lamp each specification from 2 to 4 knots. With flange steel chassis, 0.98 meters in diameter to 1. 2 m, thick 25mm to 4 0m m.

2. The main function of the framework structure, but also to decorate the main, the material to steel plate, steel pipe, lamp rod, light plate using hot dip zinc treatment.

3. Electric lifting system consists of electric motor, hoist, three groups of hot dip galvanized steel wire rope and cable. The lifting speed of the lamp rod body is 3 to 5 meters per minute hoist.

4. Guide, unloading system from the Guide Wheel and the guide arm composition, High-pole Lamp to ensure that the light plate in the process will not occur transverse movement, High-pole Lamp to ensure that the lamp plate rise in place, the lamp can automatically fall off and locked by the hook.

5. Lighting electrical system Set 6-24 4 0 0 w 11 0 0 0 W Gold halide (white light), projection, floodlight, computer time controller can automatically control the switch light time and part of the lighting or all lighting.

6. Lightning protection system: Lamp top installed 1.5 meters long lightning rod, underground base installed 1 1 meters long grounding line and welding with underground bolts.

Classification of high pole lamp

Generally can be divided into lifting type and non elevating type. Lift-type main pole height is generally more than 18 meters, electric lifting operation is convenient, High-pole Lamp the lamp tray to work position, can automatically remove the disc, hanging ditch, wire rope unloading and.

Lifting type high pole light set manual and electric two kinds of lifting control mode, so that the lamp plate can safely and reliably drop 2.5 meters from the ground, convenient maintenance work. Manual remote control device with a length of 10 meters, operating personnel at 5 meters at the remote control light plate lift, so as to ensure the safety of the operator. The lifting type high pole lamp also is equipped with a spare cable, when the lamp plate drops to the lowest position, the cable one end inserts the electrical control system the socket, High-pole Lamp the other end inserts the junction box on the lamp plate, so can direct power supply to the lamp plate, overhaul the lamp.

Lifting type high pole lamp all Luminaire's seal grade is the IP65 international standard, prevents the dust, the rainwater immersion, guarantees the bulb service life. The materials of lamps and lanterns are generally used for corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy plates and stainless steel.

Hoisting principle of high pole lamp

In the rectangular inner cavity of the bottom of the lifting type high pole lamp, besides installing the electric control system, the lifting system such as electric motor is also installed. High-pole Lamp The electrical control system is installed in the lamp rod inside, can avoid the bad outdoor environment to cause the lift movement fault. The electrical control system is equipped with various circuit overload protection devices. The conductive body of the circuit in the system is widely used CU base silver plating to ensure good contact of electrical connection.

Lifting system is through the motor, (electromagnetic brake type) worm gear reducer, safety coupling, the main wire rope, the vice wire rope, rope and pulley group, such as parts of the driving light plate take-off and landing. Worm gear reducer self-locking ability, compact transmission, a large transmission ratio, in order to reduce the worm gear, worm speed ratio, reduce the rise of torque, especially the addition of a group of pulley, High-pole Lamp so that the speed of the light plate Take-off and landing less than 0.2 m/s. The main wire rope is connected with the wire rope of the lamp plate by means of a rope-splitting device, which can avoid the winding of the accessory wire because of the tensile of the main steel wire. The main and auxiliary steel wire ropes are of high strength and corrosion-resistant 6*19 type not revolving galvanized steel wire rope. The lifting pulley group adopts the A3 steel bracket, stainless steel shaft and copper pulley which are treated by hot galvanizing to ensure that the operation is flexible under normal atmospheric conditions. All kinds of fasteners, such as washers, card rings and other parts are also used hot-dip galvanized parts or stainless steel. The lamp plate is provided with 6 groups of steering pulley Group and three sets of brake devices, and the guide wheel with 120 degree distribution in the process of lifting or descending of the lamp plate is rolled along the surface of the lamp rod to ensure that the light plate does not produce a swing. The guiding wheel of the lamp plate is exposed to the surface of the lamp rod and the rubber hot pressing process is used. High-pole Lamp In order to fully ensure that the lamp plate to the limit position when the automatic parking, the light plate rise, the movement of the drop in the performance of reliable limit switch, and has a super stroke protection. The elevation of the high pole lamp is realized by changing the rotation direction of the motor. For security theft, a rectangular cavity with a sealed door, High-pole Lamp sealed door with a special lock

Lifting system part of high pole lamp

1, the lifting system uses the lamp rod built-in independent electric hoist construction, the hoist has the special Stop movement locking device.

Through the line control to achieve a distance of 5 meters operation;

2, the electric tool and the hoist are equipped with adjustable independent torque limiter to prevent overload;

3, the high pole lamp uses the electric elevating mechanism, the electric mode may move, the power outage request may the manual operation.

4, the lifting system should adopt the high flexible stainless steel wire rope, requires the design safety factor not less than 6;

5, the lifting mechanism to set the lamp-proof frame shedding device to ensure that the wire rope break when the lamp is stuck in time.