High-pole Lamp Illumination Area Is Large

The high pole lamp applies the municipal engineering, the highway, the overpass, the parking lot, the stadium, the freight yard, the harbor, the airport and the citizen Leisure Square and so on outdoor illumination project.

High-pole lamp is generally refers to more than 15 meters of steel cone-shaped light bar and high-power modular light frame composed of a new lighting device, it is the lamp, internal lighting electrical, Rod and foundation part of the combination.

High-pole lamp is used in highways, roads and other places, High-pole Lamp its handsome in appearance, should have strong decorative. The lamp pole is much taller than the street lamp, High-pole Lamp the illumination area is also bigger. At the same time the lighting effect is good, the light source concentrates, the illumination is even, the glare is small.

Light plate using electric take-off and landing, easy to operate, the lamp plate up to work position, the lamp can be automatically removed, hook, wire rope unloading. In addition, lighting control is divided into hand control, light control, time control and microcomputer control, easy to control, maintenance.

High Pole Light Installation

Lamp shape can be based on user requirements, the surrounding environment, lighting needs specific to determine, the internal lamps are more than high-power led floodlight and light light. High-pole Lamp The pole body generally is the pyramid single structure, uses the steel plate roll to form, the height is 15-40 meters, many is two to the composition, the irradiation radius may reach the 40-80m.

The configuration of high pole lamp

1. Lamp rod for eight-sided, 12-sided, 18-sided cone-shaped bar, by the high-strength high-quality steel plate by shearing, bending, automatic welding forming, the design of the maximum wind resistance capacity of up to 6 0 m/s. High-pole Lamp Each specification is made up of 3 to 4 knots, with flange steel chassis, 1 m to 1.2 m ΓΈ, and mm to 40mm thick.

2. The function of the framework structure, but also to decorate the main material to steel, steel pipe, lamp rod, light plate using hot dip zinc treatment.

3. Electric lifting system consists of electric motor, hoist, three groups of hot dip galvanized steel wire rope and cable. The lamp rod body installs, the lifting speed is 3 to 5 meters per minute.

4. Guide, unloading system from the Guide Wheel and the guide arm composition, to ensure that the light plate in the process will not occur transverse movement, to ensure that the lamp plate rise in place, the lamp can automatically fall off and locked by the hook.

5. Lighting system by high-power LED projection lights, led floodlight, computer time controller can automatically control the switch lamp time and part of the lighting or full lighting.

6. Lightning protection system: the top of the lamp to add 1. 5 meters long lightning rod, High-pole Lamp underground base installed 1 1 meters long grounding line and welding with the anchor bolts.