Floodlights Are More And More People Recognized To Accept

Flood light is a special use to a number of indoor and outdoor engineering operations or on-site construction and other places of fixed lighting, it not only has a new appearance, but also a good lighting effect, safe and durable.

The floodlight is a kind of light that can emit a uniform light source around us. Flood Light Its light source is a kind of point light source, which is shown in our scene in an octahedral graphic, and we can according to our own The amount of need to carry out the choice of light source range adjustment, often used by people to the effect of the production, which are often used to the indoor studio, the effect is excellent.

Floodlights as electric light source of the replacement products have been recognized by more and more people, has also been applied in many areas. Mainly used for billboards, highways, railway tunnels, bridges and humps, squares, construction and other places.Then what is the floodlight? Floodlight is a point of illumination can be uniform in all directions point of light, its range of illumination can be adjusted , Flood Light In the scene shown as a positive octahedral icon. Floodlights are the most widely used light source in effect making, and standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene to produce better results. In the case of

Floodlight lighting characteristics

Floodlight is the most widely used in the effect of a light source, the scene can be used to coordinate the role of multiple floodlights to the birth of a better effect. From a specific point to the direction of uniform irradiation of objects, use it to analog light bulbs and candles better. Floodlights can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the scope of the camera, or inside the object. Flood Light It is common to use many different colors of floodlights in the scene. These floodlights can be darkly projected and mixed on the model. As the floodlight range is relatively large, the floodlight effect is very easy to predict, and this light there are many auxiliary purposes, for example, the floodlight placed near the surface of the object, the object surface To produce bright light. It is worth noting that floodlights can not be established too much, otherwise the effect will be dull and dull. Flood Light So in the usual effect of the production map, and more attention to experience the lighting parameters and layout of the effect of the scene effect of the scene, the accumulation of experience, master the light with the skills.

Floodlight features

With the continuous development of our lighting industry, floodlights in people's lives is more and more common, Flood Light it is more and more people recognized to accept, mainly because it has the following characteristics:

1, floodlights have excellent electrical performance. Under normal circumstances, the floodlight power is relatively high, the use of constant current power supply, with low harmonic current, therefore, can output a relatively constant luminous flux.

2, floodlight practical range is relatively wide, the installation is also more convenient and quick. Floodlight lamp design compact and exquisite, easy to install, Flood Light you can use a variety of ways to install, will not be subject to the environment and location containment.

3, the proportion of floodlight visible light is relatively high. In the light emitted by the flood light inside, its degree of visible light to reach more than 80%, the visual effect is very good.

4, floodlights have a good color. Normally, when we use floodlights, it will send a relatively soft light, the object is irradiated by floodlights with good gloss, the effect is more natural, its color rendering index is higher than 80.

5, floodlights in the use of time will not appear stroboscopic phenomenon. After the excellent process of processing the production of floodlights, high efficiency, Flood Light at work when there will not be strobe, glare and so on, to further not paste the human eye, will not give you the phenomenon of eye fatigue The

6, floodlight is a kind of energy-saving lamps. With the popularity of led light in the lighting market, more and more people will be led to the production of lamps on the use of floodlights is no exception, but also use the led as its light source, therefore, with the general lighting phase Comparison, floodlights become more energy-efficient.

7, floodlight use period is relatively long. Floodlights do not use the filament to produce, Flood Light but the use of high-frequency electrodeless discharge lamp to produce, its irradiation time is generally more than 60,000 hours, compared with other traditional lamps compared to the longer life.

8, floodlight is a kind of environment-friendly lamps. When we make floodlights, we use solid mercury in its interior, and if we are accidentally broken, Flood Light we do not have to worry about environmental pollution. We can recover it when we do not use the lamps. Use, environmental index is relatively high.