Floodlight Is One Of The Lighting Sources In The Studio

Floodlight on the surrounding radiation is the uniform light source, the scope of its irradiation can be adjusted by itself, can be used to illuminate the entire site, the most common floodlight is used for the lighting in the shed, is one of the necessary lighting source of the studio.

The characteristics of floodlight light

1, energy-saving and environmental protection: Floodlight used is a solid mercury agent, is a kind of environmental pollution-free materials, most of which can be recycled, floodlight and the general light bulb compared to save about 75% of the electricity, Flood Light is absolutely healthy and energy-saving products.

2, no flash frequency: floodlight work frequency is high, will not cause the eye fatigue, effective protection of eyesight.

3, the color is good: the floodlight color of the value is greater than 80, Flood Light the light is relatively soft, the surface of the object is also very soft and natural.

3, do not preheat: Floodlight can start immediately and restart, multiple switches will not have a common electric discharge lamp in the light of the phenomenon of decay, long service life.

4, the installation of floodlights is simple and convenient, Flood Light can be used in various occasions for installation, the restrictions are relatively small.

Omni-Light Application

The floodlight can illuminate the object from all directions, and the light source is soft and homogeneous, which can simulate lighting products such as bulb points. Common is used for billboards, highways, railway tunnels, bridges and culverts, squares, buildings and so on.

The range of floodlight illumination can be adjusted arbitrarily, in the production of the effect diagram is the most widely used one kind of light source, the scene matches the lamplight, Flood Light may carry on the appropriate increment and decrease, has achieved the most satisfactory effect.

Attention to the installation and use of floodlight light

1, floodlight in the installation, it is best to use series LED form, led application to pay attention to the design of the circuit peak voltage and current to be within the standard range.

2, the installation of floodlight, to pay attention to its sealing effect, Flood Light sealing effect of poor floodlight, will greatly shorten the use of the floodlight lamp life.

3, the installation of floodlight, the need for professional construction personnel to install, to avoid future use of trouble.