Floodlight Does Not Cause Eyestrain

We know that in a lot of public places will use the floodlight, such as billboards, highways, railway tunnels, bridges and culverts, squares, buildings and so on. Floodlights can be evenly in all directions to illuminate the light, so that each need to bright corners have brightness, and the scope of the floodlight can be arbitrary adjustment of the object can produce a projection shadow. So a lot of public places will choose to use Floodlight, while the floodlight is the most widely used in the effect diagram of a light source, the standard floodlight can be used to illuminate our entire scene, its illuminating scope need not be specially specified.

A floodlight can create a high diffuse, light without direction rather than creating a clear outline of the light, and a baby will thus have a more muted and transparent shade of light. When we use a floodlight to illuminate an object, the illumination is slowed down much more slowly than the spotlight light, Flood Light and some light bulbs that are slowing down particularly slowly look like a light source that does not produce a shadow. Floodlight lamp body material for aluminum alloy die-casting, coated with a layer of high-temperature resistance, Flood Light acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging materials.

We know what a floodlight is, so let's look at some of the features of the floodlight so we can better understand the floodlight:

1. Long life, because the floodlight does not have electrodes, it is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction and fluorescent discharge principle of the combination of light, so there is no life-limiting components, saving material costs and labor costs;

2. Energy-saving, 85W of floodlight and 500W incandescent light energy equivalent;

3. Environmental protection, the use of solid mercury agent, Flood Light breaking the environment will not cause pollution, has a high recovery rate;

4 color is good, its color index is greater than 80, and light color is soft, natural;

5. Do not need preheating, can start immediately and start again, multiple switches will not appear the phenomenon of light decay;

6. No strobe, floodlight work frequency is very high, there is no strobe effect, Flood Light will not cause eyestrain, protect our eyesight health;

7. Color temperature is optional, can be based on the need from the 2700k-6500k free choice, and can be made into colored bulbs, used in garden lighting inside;

8. Excellent electrical properties, high power factor of floodlight, can output constant luminous flux;

9. There is a high installation adaptable, can be installed in any location, will not be limited.