Energy Saving Technology Of High Pole Lamp

High pole lighting is a relatively special lighting in urban lighting equipment, its safety and technical parameters require more, must have a detailed technical conditions that the installation of high pole lights should also be in strict accordance with the manufacturers to provide Operation instructions, High-pole Lamp the daily operation and maintenance should be carried out in a timely manner to ensure that high-pole lighting facilities can be safe and normal operation.

High pole lamp should be used low power loss, stable performance of the annex, a reasonable choice of energy-saving technologies and equipment to ensure that the effect of high pole lighting at the same time, should prevent the lighting industry, light pollution, to limit the light of light pollution to control the main, High-pole Lamp To avoid the phenomenon of first pollution after treatment.

Landscape lamp control box by the equipment manufacturers according to the required capacity, the use of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate wall thickness of not less than 1.2mm appearance spray plastic powder and do waterproof and anti-theft and heat. High-pole Lamp Landscape steel structure steel shall not affect the material and mechanical properties of cracks, delamination, heavy skin, slag and other defects pitting or scratches depth shall not be greater than the thickness of the steel thickness of the negative 1/2, and should not be greater than 0.5mm.

For those who do not have access to high pole products, check the production quality of a high pole lamp, and whether the installation process is reasonable, from the following points to judge.

As the height of the pole lights are between 18 meters and 35 meters, so the lightning protection measures must be done, we often see the high pole lights, many are only after the hot galvanized treatment, the installation of the use of such a Light pole main body conduction will not be a problem, High-pole Lamp but in recent years a lot of lots to take into account the beautiful pole of the problem, all in its surface to increase a spray process, more common silver and white, this time need to pay attention, and some High pole manufacturers ignore a problem, that is, the plastic powder itself is insulated, if the lightning rod are sprayed with plastic powder, then the role of the lightning rod to disappear, if found in the installation of this problem, be sure to inform Install the staff, High-pole Lamp the top of the lightning rod, from the top down at least 20 cm to completely scraping the plastic powder, and then in the lightning rod and rain hat connection, with a lightning rod fixed top wire will drop the needle powder top powder, can only normal conduction The

When the installation of lamps, if it is LED lamps, then the lamp behind the drive power to zero line, FireWire, as well as ground, in the wiring, the ground must be connected to the pre-arranged main cable, if the drive power to the ground Line is not connected, then encountered thunderstorm days, High-pole Lamp it is likely to be burned. And then there is the handling of the wiring head, the series of wire connectors must be rinsed tin, and then wrapped with insulating tape, and then put on the flame retardant wax tube, the purpose of doing so is to avoid the high temperature and rain exposure, the line too aging , Causing a short circuit.

Lamps, especially high pressure sodium lamp, in the installation must pay special attention to the connection of the fixed beam nut must be tightened with a wrench, often see the square or roadside pole lamp lamp down the bow, that is not fixed Screw caused by. Serious if the fall will cause personal injury.

High pole lights are generally composed of two or three steel pipe, in the installation to pay special attention to each two sections plug each other when the insertion depth of not less than 60 cm, if the plug is not in place, do not worry it will Their own down, but will affect the overall vertical bar lights, High-pole Lamp there will be left and right shaking the situation, if the plug in place, then what will not happen.

The top of the top of the high pole, that is, the location of the fixed hook, are linked by three M14 or M16 screw, the installation should pay attention to is that the three screws must be stainless steel screws, many high pole manufacturers are Ignore the problem, the use of ordinary iron galvanized screw, so a long time, iron screw will be serious rust, causing decoupling difficulties, or can not be decoupled, the lamp problems, the lamp can not be normal movements.