Circumstances Under Which Solar Street Lights Not Light?

To said solar Street using life is full long of, on said it of energy is relies on sun light radiation provides of, can unlimited using and and not waste, also can said it using of led light is belongs to depression products, using life long, is traditional light life of 3 times times has, more alone it using of Sun can battery these are has 5-7 years of life, can also is some customer told solar Street sometimes cannot bright lamp has, not know is bad has, that solar Street in what situation Xia cannot bright lamp?

Solar energy Street lamp not lighting situation is nothing more than a few, and the most common is the solar battery not fully charged. Solar road lighting street not like mains Street as is add-ins power of, to has night on relies on grid power lighting, solar Street is to solar conversion for power of, so it need in day of when full have get Sun for it solar Board of irradiation, then to put energy save up, if solar battery no get charging words, that is led to solar Street cannot bright lamp of,, solar lamp again full electric on can again using has.

Not only because solar battery not fully charged lead outside the solar energy Street lamp not lighting, but also has other reasons, such as the solar controller design, design cannot be determined or its lines may issue, not necessarily means that solar street lamps damaged.