Analysis: How To Improve Solar Energy Utilization?

Today, our living environment along with rapid economic development became more and more severe, for energy conservation and environmental protection are now on the selection of solar lights outdoor lamps manufacturers to facilitate the night, you can save energy and reduce pollution, accepted by people, then how should we improve the utilization of solar energy in use? Lamp light on solar street lighting system sets the process of utilization of the key is to design efficient and reliable optical system makes the light source evenly distributed on the road.

Street lamps light efficiency on actual configuration design process of the main principle of the method is the use of non-Imaging optics designed special optical system rational allocation of solar street lights emit light in illuminance and the uniformity requirements increasing solar energy utilization.

Led solar street lights since the application is constantly being lamp manufacturers have improved, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of street lamps, better meet the economic development requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, solar lighting manufacturers and will continue to be innovative!