Aluminum Poles

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Aluminum poles with traditional steel poles and fiberglass poles are also compared to their own strengths, as described in the following table is compared to other poles:




Iron pole

 good strength

corrosion rust easily
It is three times the weight of aluminum, high transport costs to install
Recovery of low value
Non-use plug-in installation
Surface treatment by painting

Fiberglass poles

Light weight
Can be plug-in installation

Short life
No recycling value, very difficult to handle expensive
UV damage is very serious for the rod
Maintenance costs are too high
Equipment damage likely to be outside

Concrete pillars poles

Can be plug-in installation

Very heavy, high transport costs to bring
No recycling value
Installation of the equipment is expensive, difficult    to install
Dangerous than other materials

Aluminum poles

Good corrosion resistance

Light weight, easy transportation and installation
Rich surface treatment
long lasting
100% recyclable, low melting temperature, energy    conservation
Can be plug-in installation
Strong wind small amplitude

Material costs more expensive than other types of materials