18 Watt Solar Led Street Light

18 Watt Solar Led Street Light
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Product Details

Quick details:

Product name: 18 watt solar led street light

Light type: Solar

Light source: LED

Wide voltage input: DC10~30V ( AC85~265V )

Life span: 50000h

Warranty: 3 years

Light wattage: Customized

Color: White

Applied area: Street

Product show:

Racquet Lights   


1.High efficiency and energy saving by using this product;

2.It has long service life;

3.Healthy light. No radiation and no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the light;

4.Green and eco-friendly. It contains harmless elements such as mercury and antimony, which are good for recycling and utilization, and do not cause electromagnetic interference;

5.High light efficiency and small heat;

6.High safety factor.The required voltage and current are small. There is no safety hazard.

7.A great application prospect and market potential;

8.One-way light of LED street light ensures that there is not the diffusion of light, it can improve the light efficiency;

9.The LED street light has a unique secondary optical design that illuminates the LED street light to the area where needs illumination, and it is further improving the illumination effect for the purpose of energy saving;

10.LED street light has an automatic control energy-saving device, which can realize the maximum of possible power reduction under the condition of lighting requirements in different time for saving energy;

11.High quality and great durability;

12.Competitive price of this product;

13.Intimate pre-sales service and after-sales service;

14.Excellent logistics.