Solar lighting is good or bad?

For solar street of evaluation, then to see solar Street manufacturers has no strictly checks good quality aspects of problem, certainly we is can from several aspects view solar street of bad, see it whether meet we by needed of requirements, can from it resistance rainy every day number, and light of as degrees and life, and battery of life and controller of technology, overall of system equipment view solar street of bad.

Solar street light is to rely on the Sun for energy, so when we are in rainy days, is its solar battery capacity can resist 3-5 rainy days, precipitation in many areas are not much resistant 3-5 and rainy-day solar street light is very good. Of course is also a solar-powered battery life is much better.

There is the lighting bright enough to guarantee people's safety and long life, do not use the time to turn off the light. More important is the use of solar energy controller, because it is the number determines the solar energy Street lamp resistant to rain every day, stability and quality of products, select the best solar lighting is saving the price of solar street light.