Solar lawn lamps why LED?

Solar lawn lamp decorated for the purpose during the day, night lighting, with its portability, easy to install, strong waterproof light advantages, has developed rapidly in recent years. Most solar landscape lights are made of LED as the light source. So many manufacturers produce solar lawn lamp, why choose LED light source?

LED is made of low-voltage DC power supply, light control and low cost, is to adjust the light switches are frequently possible, and does not affect LED performance, you can easily control the color, change the distribution of dynamic, so it is used in solar lawn lamp especially good.

We consider below 1 w power solar lawn light, adjust light, frequent switching feature, solar lawn lamp LED as the light source should be used. When using super bright white LED, but especially lumen maintenance rate, otherwise easily lead to accidents. Solar lawn lamps which power, currently uses three colorant is high efficiency and energy saving lights are reasonable. We know know that LED technology is now experiencing its critical breakthrough, reaching more than 100000h, long life, low voltage, is very suitable for application in solar lawn lights.