Solar Garden Lights right what are the installation requirements?

Solar Garden lamp this landscape Street is symbol with low carbon, and environmental, and fashion of lighting equipment, in city bright of engineering using Shang formed has is beauty of landscape line, such of energy-saving environmental street is can formed model effect of, while also representative with city of development is towards environmental energy-saving of direction, that solar garden lamp is to get right using to guarantees of it advantage can get full of play.

Is solar garden lamp of to play out it of advantage, will let it of solar Board can completely bare in Sun Xia, throughout the light different, different of location of light strength is not as of, but General Solar Garden lamp manufacturers are in design Shi, put solar Board accept light of angle for 45 degrees, because after constantly of test, this is a best of angle has.

Solar Garden light panels are fully exposed to the Sun, if obscured by leaves will affect the Solar Garden lamp lighting effects, so when installing Solar Garden lights, be careful not to install block solar panels receive light at the meeting place.