Scenery complementary lights to save power consumption?

On City Green using situation we has detection analysis, we after survey, 2013 we China existing urban and rural General Street total about is has 200 million lamp, and it of using number is annual to 20% of speed in growth with, if calculation out these General Street by to spent of electricity absolute is output has billions of Yuan of, more not mention it by emissions out of carbon dioxide, harmful gas by with of against, this is now people realized that scenery complementary Street using of importance.

If we put this 200 million lamp around of General street full is into scenery complementary Street using, we according to each lamp scenery complementary Street is daily work 12 hours, that we on can in 1 years within save 150 billion degrees electric, may everyone for 150 billion degrees just in digital Shang of understand, is not is clear is has more big, for example a sentences is, we national of three gorges hydropower station in 2010 of power total for 84 billion degrees electric.

Wind-solar complementary Street lamp under can save 150 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, that is to say it saved electricity is equivalent to 1.8 2010 annual generating capacity of three gorges hydropower station, how much electricity can be saved, saving electricity is enough to put in the project and improve the socio-economic development.