Scenery complementary lights advantage based on what?

In many of can renewable energy in the, on number solar and wind application have compared widely, and and of corresponds to of PV power and the wind power also became has currently most has development prospects of new energy technology, that in City Road bright of engineering in the using of scenery complementary Street is using this two species new energy technology, while also gives has scenery complementary Street has this two species en energy using of advantage.

Scenery complementary lights advantage is based on the advantages of using solar and wind power, first of all, they can be "inexhaustible, inexhaustible", this can reflect scenery complementary lights long life; second wind-solar complementary Street lamp using local materials, does not need to transport, you do not need wire, so it's easy to install, don't use too much human and material resources, reduce the price of wind-solar hybrid Street lamp.

Third is the energy utilization of scenery complementary lights are widely distributed, dispersed, scenery complementary lights are widely used, with the development of science and technology, the use of scenery complementary lights used to good advantage, expand the lighting market, for wind and solar Streetlight manufacturers brought more interest.