How do LED Street lamp lamp life testing?

The service life of LED lamps, the key is dependent on the LED lamp life. At present the main components of LED lighting is lighting, power and structure (modules and shell), LED street light is determined by the lamp life are known, then how can we detect LED lamp life about?

Decision LED Street lamp lamp life is light and power supply, detecting light sources, first and foremost protect the LED lamp bead cavity rating is high enough; chip junction temperature is in the range of security design, and quality of the LED lamp bead. For power supply, to see whether their design enough margin, guarantee the life of 50,000 hours or more.

Of course can also provide State-level testing institutions or accredited test reports, key components of the selection proved that LED lamp lamp life: its theoretical basis and data integrated and corporate credibility to judge its authenticity. LM80 report and the authority of the lighting of the LED lamp bead temperature (with pins) report, according to which value can be calculated. At present good quality lighting can be 2000H Matt failure, 4000H<1%,6000H<3%,8000H<5%.

According to judge LED Street lamp lamp life lamp light attenuation curve, outdoors under the actual lighting situation, different LED street light failure does not show the regularity, lamp type different, light curve difference. Simple light failure curve predict lamp life, reliability and confidence is low. Also, lamps and sealing structure design and seal materials options the choice of lamps, optical protection materials reliability and degradation has a direct impact. Power lamps are the most easily damaged parts, power chamber temperature using reasonable design and increased lightning surge protectors can greatly improve the reliability of LED street lamps.