Chunghua light

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Product Details

Chonghua Light  appearance of generosity, generally have more than one light source, decent,  high lighting, landscape effect, is one of the traditional-style series.

Lamp shades are  acrylic cover PC or import PNNA organic material, the base generally aluminium  or iron.

Poles generally  Q235 steel roll into,

Fasteners-screws,  nuts are stainless steel (outside)

Production process
 Poles forming,  hot-dip galvanized anticorrosion coating both inside and outside, after acid  zinc plating, zinc plating, washing, phosphating, passivation process, smooth  surface, no chromatic aberration, and excellent coating uniformity, has a  strong anti-corrosion performance
 Powder coating  after zinc plated, ensure the plastic layers of color, hardness, adhesion, and  other technical requirements.

Performance and  usage
 Source: High  wattage energy-saving lamps or high pressure sodium.Irradiation angle, wide  range, through fog and strong, uniform illumination.

Applicable scope:  Chinese style lamp for municipal projects, garden lighting engineering and  electric power, development area, Villa area, Plaza and outdoor street lighting  project