Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights

Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights
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Product Details

Quick details:

Product name: Stainless steel solar garden lights

Origin: China

Applied field: Garden, Street, High Speed Road

Power source: Solar photovoltage

Certification: CE

Light type: Solar

Payment terms: L/C, T/T

Quality warranty: Several years

Operating principle: Convert solar energy into electrical energy

Advantage: Environmental protection and energy saving

Product show:


Garden light:

Garden light is a kind of outdoor lighting, its main part consists of lighting, lamps, lamp rods, and flanges. 


1.It is the product of green energy, no pollution.

2.No need to pull the wire, it is safe and reliable. It is easy to move and place.

3.Long working hours and low cost.

4.Solar energy can be used for 5 to 10 years, and LED light-emitting diodes can reach 100,000 working hours.


It mainly used in lanes, residences, parks, squares and other public places for outdoor lighting.