LED Flood Light

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LED flood light, also known as spotlights, lights, lighting, etc.,  mainly used for architectural lighting purposes, as well as commercial space  lighting, decorative components heavier, its appearance also have a  well-rounded, because generally have reason to consider the heat, and therefore  its appearance with the traditional flood light, there are some differences.

LED flood light features:
 Common market, LED flood light is substantially selection of 1W high  power LED (each LED element will be made of PMMA with a high-efficiency light  lens, its main function is secondary light emitted from the LED assignment,  which is the second optical), there are a few companies because cooling  technology handled well, and use the 3W and higher power LED. Suitable for large  occasions cast lighting, building lighting. Spotlights as well as what needs to  pay attention to it?
 High-purity aluminum reflector, beam the most accurate reflection best  results.
 2, symmetrical narrow-angle, wide-angle and optical systems with asymmetric.
 3, behind the open-type lamp replacement, easy maintenance.
 4, the lamps are easy to adjust with scale plate illumination angle.  The main application areas are about these: single building, historical  buildings exterior lighting, the light outside the building through lighting,  indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard, medical culture and  other specialized facilities, lighting, bars, discos and other entertainment  atmosphere lighting and so on.